Added value in the context of research information systems

Added value in the context of research information systems
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Purpose– The purpose of this paper is to discuss added value in the context of current research Information systems (CRISs) based on metadata enrichment.‎

Design/methodology/approach– This discussion paper uses literature review as well as analysis of CRISs specifications to discuss added value possibilities.‎

Findings– Added value of the CRISs is in their integration and interoperability with the same and similar Information systems.‎ Since metadata plays key roles in interoperability of information systems, therefore Focusing on metadata-related issue can add considerable values to CRISs.‎ Two types of metadata can be Distinguished in every CRISs including macro- and micro-metadata.‎ In terms of macro-metadata common European research information format (CERIF) by itself is an added value for CRIS because it draws a Complete view of the research landscape including entities and their relations.‎ CERIF metadata structure is Designed in such a way that supports micro- and macro-metadata.‎

Originality/value– There is a lack of literature on adding value to research information systems Especially CRIS and particularly how value can be added in CRISs still is an unanswered question.‎ CRIS developers can use this paper as a road map to choose the most valuable strategy for adding Value to their systems.‎


Nabavi, Majid, Keith Jeffery, Hamid Reza Jamali.‎ 2016.‎ Added value in the context of research information systems.‎ Program ۵۰ (۳): ۳۲۵-۳۳۹.

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