A systematic review of Internet banking adoption

A systematic review of Internet banking adoption
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This paper presents a systematic review of 165 research articles published on the adoption of Internet banking (IB) between 1999 and 2012.‎ The results show that interest in the topic of IB adoption has grown significantly during this period, and remains a fertile area for academic research into the next decade.‎ The findings reveal that the IB adoption literature can be classified according to three main themes: whether the papers seek to describe the phenomenon (descriptive);‎ whether they seek to understand the interplay between the factors that drive adoption (relational);‎ or whether they seek to draw higher level conclusions through a comparison across populations, channels or methods (comparative).‎ A comprehensive list of references is presented, along with an agenda for future research that targets identified gaps in the literature.‎


Hanafizadeh, Payam, Byron W.‎ Keating, and hamidreza khedmatgozar.‎ 2014.‎ A Systematic Review of Internet Banking Adoption.‎ Telematics and Informatics ۳۱: ۴۹۲-۵۱۰.

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