Enriching Semantic Relations of Basic Sciences Ontology

Enriching Semantic Relations of Basic Sciences Ontology
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Ontology is the tool for representing knowledge in the fields of knowledge organization and artificial intelligence, and in the past decade, has gained attention in the semantic web as well.‎ The main necessity in developing an ontology is generating a hierarchical structure of the concepts and the next requirement is creating and determining the type of the semantic relations among concepts.‎ The present article introduces a semi-automated method for enriching semantic relations in the basic sciences ontology, which was developed based on domain-specific thesauri.‎ In the proposed method, first the hierarchical relations in the ontology are reviewed and refined in order to distinguish their different types.‎ In the next step, the concepts in the ontology are classified and the semantic relations among the concepts, based on the associative relationships in the thesaurus and semantic relation patterns extracted from a top-level ontology, are distinguished and added to the ontology.‎ Using this method, semantic relations in the area of chemistry in the basic sciences ontology were refined and enriched.‎ Almost seventy percent of the associative relationships were directly converted to semantic relations in the ontology.‎ The remaining thirty percent are the inter-concept relations that can be concluded from other relations if the other associative relationships are correctly converted to semantic relations.‎


Ejei, Fatemeh, Molouk Sadat Hosseini Beheshti, Taghi Rajabi, and Zeinab Ejehi.‎ 2017.‎ Enriching Semantic Relations of Basic Sciences Ontology.‎ Knowledge Organization ۴۴ (۵): ۳۱۸-۳۲۵.

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