Financial Valuation of a Business Model as an Intangible Asset


Knowledge-based economies rely greatly on intangible assets.‎ Based on its features, a business model can be an intangible asset;‎ by posing barriers to imitation, it can create competitive advantage and increase a company's value.‎ Hence, a business model's financial valuation is of great importance.‎ Accordingly, the main objective of the present study is to design a process to valuate business models, using income approach and the concept of competitive advantage.‎ An active corporation engaged in daily deal business was chosen as a case study.‎ Its business model is identified and then valued using the proposed process.‎ The results revealed that the process has reasonable accuracy.‎ Financial valuation of business models is useful for bridging the gap between book value and market value, increasing a firm's ability to raise capital from venture capitalists, improving bargaining power in M&A contracts and providing support in the case of litigation.‎


Hanafizadeh, Payam, Seyed Saeed Hosseinioun, and Hamid Reza Khedmatgozar.‎ 2015.‎ Financial Valuation of a Business Model as an Intangible Asset.‎ International Journal of E-Business Research ‪(IJEBR)‬ ۱۱ (۴): ۱۷-۳۱.

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