Conceptual Framework for RoboDoc: A New Social Robot for Research Assistantship


Conducting a research becomes a challenging task when a large number of scientific data is available and needs to be organized.‎ In addition, research facilities may not be easily accessible due to the limitation in using hi-tech equipment and the resulting expenses.‎ While, there are sophisticated tools for managing research data and assisting the researcher in conducting a research, they are not accessible through a union integrated manner, and sometimes the researcher is overwhelmed with these tools, with additional effort to learn how to work with them.‎ To overcome these challenges, we propose a personalized intelligent assistant as a social robot, called RoboDoc, to assist the researcher in research steps such as idea generation, designing research methodology, and collecting and analyzing research data.‎ We introduce a conceptual framework for RoboDoc to describe its services and design requirements, and at the end we briefly discuss our current efforts in developing RoboDoc.‎

Mohebi, Azadeh, Ramin Golshaie, Soheil Ganjefar, Ammar Jalalimanesh, Parnian Afshar, Ali Aali Hosseini, Seyyed Alireza Ghoreishi, and Amir Badamchi.‎ 2016.‎ Conceptual Framework for RoboDoc: A New Social Robot for Research Assistantship.‎ Paper presented at The Eight International Conference on Social Robotics (ICSR), Kansas City.‎

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