Ideal social secret sharing using Birkhoff interpolation method

Ideal social secret sharing using Birkhoff interpolation method
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The concept of social secret sharing was introduced in 2010 by Nojoumian et al. In the scheme of Nojoumian et al. (called SSS‏), the number of shares allocated to each party depends on the player’s reputation and the way he interacts with other parties.‎ In other words, weights of the players are periodically adjusted such that cooperative participants receive more shares compared with non-cooperative parties.‎ As our contribution, we propose an ideal social secret sharing in which the size of each player’s share is equal to the size of the secret.‎ This property will be achieved using hierarchical threshold secret sharing.‎ We show that the proposed scheme is secure in a passive adversary model.‎ Compared with SSS, our proposed scheme is more efficient in terms of the share size, communication complexity, and computational complexity of the “sharing” protocol.‎ However, the “social tuning” and “reconstruction” protocols of SSS are computationally more efficient than those of the proposed scheme.‎ Depending on the number of execution of social tuning protocol, this might be a reasonable compromise because the reconstruction protocol is executed only once throughout the secret’s lifetime.‎


Eslami,Ziba, Nasrollah Pakniat, and Mehrdad Nojoumian.‎ 2016.‎ Ideal social secret sharing using Birkhoff interpolation method.‎ Securiry and Communication Networks ۹ (۱۸): ۴۹۷۳-۴۹۸۲.

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