Publication delay in Iranian scholarly journals

Publication delay in Iranian scholarly journals
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Scholarly periodicals in Iran are considered main information resources in the development of knowledge in scholarly areas.‎ About 566 periodicals have publication licenses from the Commission of Scholarly Periodicals Evaluation of Ministry of Science, Research & Technology (MSRT), with sixty-eight published in English.‎ This paper studies the publication delay of twenty-six Iranian scholarly periodicals which are published in Persian in Iran, not those Iranian journals which are published in English in Iran or out of the country.‎ The peer review and scholarly publication processes in Iranian journals are quite lengthy and need improvement.‎ There was no significant relationship between publication delay in Persian scholarly periodicals and their impact factor as presented by the Islamic World Science Citation Center (titled ISC).‎ Finally, the authors offer some solutions for improving the publication system of Iranian scholarly journals and decreasing the publication interval of these journals.‎


Khosrowjerdi, Mahmood, Neda Zeraatkar, and Narjes Zeraatkar.‎ 2011, Publication delay in Iranian scholarly journals.‎ Serials Review ۳۷ (۴): ۲۶۲–۲۶۶.

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