Media Entrepreneurship and Web 3.‎0, the way passed, the way forward

Media Entrepreneurship and Web 3.0, the way passed, the way forward
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Media entrepreneurship in Web 3.‎0 is focused on the entrepreneurial activities of individual entrepreneurs and small media firms.‎ Web 3.‎0 and social media platforms have provided a unique opportunity for start-ups and small businesses, which enables them to propose value to the demanding customers (Labafi and Williams, 2018).‎ The Web 3.‎0 concept describes social communication platforms that adds the element of cooperation to the communication characteristics evident in Web 2.‎0 and the cognition characteristic evident in Web 1.‎0 (Fochs, 2017).‎ Social media platforms enables media and technological start-ups to offer their innovations without market entry barriers.‎ Today, social media platforms is a significant breeder of entrepreneurial pursuits.‎


Salamzade, Yashar, Idongesit Williams, and Somaye Labafi.‎ 2019.‎ Media Entrepreneurship and Web 3.‎0, the way passed, the way forward.‎ Ad-minister journal ۳۴ (۷-۱۳).

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