Competitiveness of Small Media Firms

Competitiveness of Small Media Firms
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Considering the importance of small firms in media industry, deeper knowledge of their strategic decisions and actions in turbulent markets is necessary towards understanding entrepreneurial management and competitiveness in these technological markets.‎ This study explores the performance of a selected group of small Iranian media firms to understand their competitive strategies in a fluctuant and changeable media market.‎ Nineteen managers from small firms in the publishing, software, video games, telecommunication and advertisement sectors of the media industry were interviewed.‎ Collected data was analyzed using content analysis based on three types coding, namely open, selective and axial coding.‎ The findings revealed four groups of salient concerns within the selected group of interviewees.‎ These concerns involved (1)‎ Production: extracted based on themes focusing on niche markets, the reproduction of the successful products, the entertainment function, the personalization and new product risk taking avoidance (2)‎ The market structure: extracted from theme relating to the concentration on competitive markets, the avoidance of monopoly markets, technology utilization to make the market further competitive and customer loyalty (3)‎ Financial resources: Extracted from themes relating to the risk-taking investors, the concentration on advertisement revenues and costs leadership (4)‎ Regulations: Extracted from themes relating to avoiding risky markets with high capital, watching big markets and its interaction with regulations and joining the small markets with established regulations.‎


Competitiveness of Small Media Firms, (2017)‎, Labafi Somayeh, Williams Idongesit , book chapter In "Competitiveness in Emerging Market: Market Dynamics in the Age of Disruptive Technologies" (ISBN:978-3-319-71721-0), springer publication

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