Adding value to information systems: A new model

Adding value to information systems: A new model
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In information systems, data are processed in various stages, and at every stage value is added in order to make the data useful for end users.‎ Experts from different fields can assist these value-adding processes in various ways.‎ This article discusses a theoretical model for determination of value-added processes in information systems.‎ In this model, vital elements of every information system, that is, its goals, users, services and data, form a three dimensional space.‎ Each of these dimensions and the possible processes to add value in each dimension are discussed.‎

The results of these studies would also be useful in developing the interdisciplinary collaboration among professionals and understanding their information needs and plan to meet these needs.‎


Nabavi,Majid, and Hamid Reza Jamali.‎ 2015.‎ Adding value to information systems: A new model.‎ Business information review ۳۲ (۱): ۵۳-۵۹.

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