Teaching Media management: A curriculum development


Media Management as a relatively new discipline has been taught in various universities and higher education institutes world-wide.‎ However, no integrated approach has been observed towards this area of interest, about how it must be taught, both in structure and in content.‎ This program is taught in both management and communication faculties in different universities.‎ Some conduct this program with an operational approach, while others teach it in a very theoretical manner.‎ Teaching courses also vary from university to university.‎

This book reports a collective effort on review of media management programs in universities worldwide and development of a modern and updated curriculum for M.A and PhD students of media management in the University of Tehran.‎ The findings have been authored as this book seeks to provide a comprehensive insight about the status of media management in different universities worldwide.‎ It also presents the most recent curriculum development that has been done through a thorough and time consuming revision in the department of media management in the University of Tehran.‎ The authors hope that this book will be considered as a guideline for universities and institutes of higher education to revise or realign their programs of media management.‎


Roshandel Arbatani, Taher, Somayeh Labafi, Datis Khajeheian, and Seyed Mehdi Sharifi.‎ 2018.‎ Teaching Media management: A curriculum development.‎ Portugal: Media xxi.‎

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